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Ideas & Answers

What package do you offer?

The full package is $499 for a 60 minute boudoir photoshoot and it includes 12 edited photo downloads. If you want more downloads or any prints, we can add that on. Pricing here.

Where do we do the photoshoot?

We are currently only shooting sessions in our client's home. Don't worry if you think your home isn't fancy enough for photos. It's all about the angles and our lighting.

What should I wear?

Our vibe and vision is less fantasy/glamour, and more "sweatpants I've had for 10 years". Our favorite looks are as cute and cozy as they are sexy. Tank tops, cheekies, that one bra & panty set that actually matches, zip-up hoodie (probably zipped down, ha). Anything from a sports bra to your favorite date-night lingerie.  Keep it personal, real. Bold & True.

You might wanna bring some options that hide features that you don't like, and show off the goods you admire. Long sleeve cardigan sweaters can be especially lovely.     

Hair and makeup?

Your usual routine with two things in mind. One, you want your face the same color as your body. A bad spray tan could really frustrate you when you see your photos. And two, sparkly makeup looks cool in person but it doesn't translate to still photography. It just looks like you've got something on you that needed brushed off. 


Grab a couple items that are often nearby when you're cozy. A book. Blankie. A lip balm. Headphones. Your favorite old CD or coffee mug, etc. Something to make the moment unique to you.

Who will be my photographer?

Both of us. Amy shoots some, Brad shoots some. Brad arranges the lighting. Amy arranges the room and makes sure nothing on you or in the background looks weird.

What is it like shooting with you?

Some people may be surprised by our... how to say... Grandma-like vibe??? While we are very open to, and loving of, all types of personalities (for example, cuss all you want), and while we're very much passionate about you feeling your Bold & True beautiful power, we're kinda mild mannered "Oh my goshhhh soooo PRETTY!" "Scooch your bum to the back of the chair and lean your boobs in." 🤣


Don't drink (or get your buzz on in any other way) before the photoshoot. You might look sloppy. We're here for you. If you're not cozy already, we'll all work together to get you looking confident and beautiful. Hey, we have chocolate! :) And we listen to music, so tell us a song or two you'd like on our photoshoot playlist.

Will my photos be on Jammies Instagram?

No. The photos on our website and social media are mostly our friends and models. We'll keep your photos, even knowledge of your photoshoot, 100% secret.

Um... but what if I want you to post/share mine :)

Well, duh... yes! But you'll have to tell us because we won't ask you.

Do I need to pay now?

To officially reserve the spot on our calendar, we require half down at booking and you can pay the rest when you choose your photos. For mini sessions ($99 specials), the entire payment is due up front at booking. Down payments are non-refundable.

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